Simplify Your Marketing

Mailservice provides a solution for all your marketing needs.

  • expert of marketing and content services
  • our office and warehouse are located in Turku, Finland
  • we serve our customers in Finland, Europe and around the world
  • sales and marketing logistics as well as target marketing.

Mailservice offers a complete package for your sales and marketing needs

Business and consumer addresses, mailing services and electronic channels.
Printouts, packaging design and implementation, and all special printing for store, trade fair and event marketing.
Your contact will respond to your inquiry without delay. Listening to queuing music is not included in our service promise!

Mailservice Ltd is a family company known for its uncomplicated marketing and sales solutions. The company was founded in 1985. Our strong direct marketing and direct advertising services have diversified and now better meet the challenges posed by multi-channel marketing communications. The strong expertise and extensive experience of our staff has enabled the development that has resulted in the most flexible and easy-to-use application on the market for marketing logistics management. This LOGi service is suitable for any industry. In particular, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the construction wholesale and many third sector operators such as unions and associations have chosen a marketing logistics service as their solution.

Our clients target their multi-channel, creative, and effective campaigns to audiences selected from the most appropriate address registers. All addresses for business and consumer campaigns can be found in our target portfolio. As an essential and important part of the delivery of campaign addresses, the provisions of the Personal Data Act and the Data Protection Act and Regulation are met properly and safely.

Printed letter and brochure or electronically online? Mailservice manages both printing and mailing as well as the transmission of messages electronically. The measure of our success is the added value we provide to our customers. Our approach to work is smooth and cost-effective. Above all, our customers value reliability, flexibility, speed and agility in the service they experience.