Our Services

Mailservice provides a comprehensive package designed to meet all your sales and marketing requirements. Effortlessly handle targeted marketing and streamline marketing logistics with us. We offer a complete range of services, from managing business and consumer addresses to mailing solutions and maximizing digital channels. Furthermore, take advantage of our extensive design, printing, and production services for store, trade fair, and event marketing, ensuring your message stands out across every platform. Our customer service is available at all times, and you’ll have a dedicated contact person ready to promptly address your needs.

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Simplifying Sales and Marketing Materials Management

LOGi is a service concept developed in collaboration with our customers, offering a solution for managing sales and marketing materials.

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Empowering Sales and Marketing Success

DIGi covers all sales and marketing prints, packaging, and large-scale display elements, as well as materials for electronic screens and frames.


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Targeted Solutions for Sales and Marketing

TAGi is the solution for you when you are looking for new customers, updating, and complementing customer information.