Streamlining Sales and Marketing Logistics

LOGi is a service concept developed in collaboration with our customers to address the challenges of managing sales and marketing materials. Often, the logistics related to marketing and sales are fragmented, updating materials is cumbersome, and tracking flows and maximizing material potential is limited. We have solved this challenge by acting as an integrator for our customers.

Within the digital LOGi interface, all marketing and sales materials can be centralized, regardless of the supplier. User rights for different stakeholders and the reseller network allow for simultaneous campaign execution and monitoring. Both digital assets and printed materials can be ordered from the same platform!


Comprehensive Marketing Management for Cost Reduction

The lifecycle-oriented approach to printed materials aims to produce exactly what is needed, accurately and cost-effectively, thus minimizing waste. Any unused materials are stored in our inventory. System-generated reports enable tracking material flows by region and allow targeted campaign actions accordingly.